Nedap PorkSense
Perfectly tuned finishing pigs

Feed finishing pigs individually within groups

Optimize ROI in your finishing barn

Vigreen PorkSense is revolutionizing a challenging phase of pork production: finishing the pig. In this stage, numbers count. Vigreen PorkSense makes those numbers available in real-time so you can continuously improve feed strategy, health management and logistics planning.

Vigreen PorkSense finetunes finishing pig management because you can feed pigs based on individual weights to maximize feed efficiency, finish consistent groups, manage shipping and save labor costs.

Traditional style

Typical finishing barns are built with a one-size-fits-all approach, without any real-time information on weight and activity. Feeding is based on pre-set strategies rather than responsive feeding to actual growth. Without daily growth monitoring, accurate planning on delivery is impossible. Pigs need to be sorted manually based on visual weight estimation.

Unlimited farm size

Vigreen PorkSense is scalable and perfectly suited for multi-site production systems. The management of all these pigs is performed at a central location with the Vigreen PorkSense software dashboard.

Automated delivery

The Vigreen PorkTuner is a smart tool of Vigreen PorkSense. The system weighs each pig and directs it to one of two feeding areas with the diet best suited to the pig’s weight. Diets can be determined based on
daily growth data. Continuous data collection on growth allows accurate forecasting of weight development, allowing for planning deliveries and transport up to 4 weeks ahead. When a pig reaches market weight, the Vigreen PorkTuner automatically cuts it from the group by directing it to a delivery section.

Vigreen PorkTuner: The Benefits

  • More kilos (more meat) sold per square meter of floor-space
  • Precise and individual feeding for specific body weights and performance levels
  • Data on activity, weight, growth and sorting results 24/7
  • Detailed insights of accurate forecasts for optimal planning
  • Automated delivery at target weight for maximum revenue
  • 99% effective use of floor-space
  • Higher profits due to feeding efficiency
  • Reduced workload & lower labor costs

Vigreen automation in action

Are you looking for a tool to improve the uniformity of your finishing groups? Do you want to improve feed efficiency by feeding pigs based on weights? How could Vigreen PorkTuner support your goals?