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Get the most out of your sow barn remodeling project

Don’t let the age or size of your stall barn discourage you from remodeling to group housing. We have worked in barns of all sizes and styles, designing group sow gestation pens that are comfortable for sows to support efficient production. With our experience in sow barn remodeling, we can design new dynamic or static group pens over existing slatted floors in your stalled barn.

Not sure where to start? We are, and we will be with you every step of the way – before, during and after your sow barn remodeling project.

Ask 10 pork producers to describe their farms, and you’ll get 10 answers. Ask the same group the most important thing about their farms, and they’ll probably say, “Our people and our pigs.”

We agree.

Correctly-designed sow gestation pens can help you make the most of the benefits of group sow housing, including improved sow well-being, increased ability to observe sows and a quieter, more pleasant working environment. An important part of sow pen design is minimizing conflict when feeding sows.

The right design includes feeders with forward exits. Separating the feeder entrance and exit creates create one-way sow traffic to minimize confrontation between fed and unfed sows. Our system’s design discourages boss sows from guarding the entrance to the feeder. It also protects all sows while they eat their individual rations.

The benefits of remodeling with Vigreen Livestock Management

  • Remain in production during remodel
  • Flexible pen design to fit your style
  • Options available for any barn size
  • New pens built over existing slatted floors
  • System keeps sows calm and peaceful
  • Durable and easy-to-use

Vigreen Livestock Management in action

Thomas Livestock Company Sow Barn Remodel

Vigreen Sow Management Solutions at Thomas Livestock Company

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Designed with the sow in mind

The sow management strategy that’s right for you

We realize no facility is the same. Tell us what goals and requirements you have for your facility. We will start a design to accomplish those goals with individual sow feeding, and we will listen to your input. You can also incorporate our automated heat detection and sow separation to improve your overall sow management strategy.

We are here to ensure your sow barn remodeling project is successful. After all, no easy-to-use design was created by chance.

How it works

When he chose Vigreen Livestock Management, Missouri pork producer Mel Gerber finally found the sow management system he’s always wanted.