Farrowing Feeding with Wireless Activator
Optimize feeding strategies for farrowing and lactating sows

Strategic feeding for lactating sows

Vigreen Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator gives you the control to increase feed intake during lactation which drives sow and pig performance for maximum return on investment.

Stimulate lactating sow feed intake

Vigreen Farrowing Feeding automatically delivers small snack-sized portions of fresh feed on a preset schedule. Meanwhile, the optional wireless Activator add-on enables sows to “ask” for additional snack-sized feed portions at any time by moving a trigger in the feeder with their snout. Sows get 24/7 precision feeding. You get peace of mind knowing your sows’ intake is maximized.

  • Snack-sized fresh feed portions delivered more often than ad-lib feeding stimulate appetite and increase overall feed intake.
  • When Vigreen Activator doesn’t detect feeder activity for a predetermined time period, it sends an automated alert, so you know which sows need attention without manual feeder checks.

The best part? Vigreen Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator gives producers control to increase feed intake during lactation, which drives sow and pig performance in any type of sow housing.

Maximize sow and pig performance

Don’t leave the feed intake of lactating sows to chance. Vigreen Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator helps meet the nutritional needs of today’s high-performing sows and large litters, setting sows and pigs up for success.

Improved performance with Vigreen Farrowing Feeding includes:

  • Reduced farrowing pen mortality
  • Increased litter size
  • Consistent and greater milk yields
  • Increased weaning weights

Producers also report sows enter estrus more easily and simultaneously, are inseminated one day earlier and are in excellent health.

Maximize control with feed intake data

Vigreen Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator brings data to your fingertips. Monitor individual sow and overall herd feed intake with real-time data collection and alerts. Use actionable insights to meet lactating sows’ unique nutritional needs with strategic feed plans to increase milk production and pig performance.

The benefits? Heavier piglet average weaning weight, higher farrowing rates and more pigs born alive in subsequent parities.

See how it works

Minimize labor

Vigreen Activator’s demand-driven feeding also reduces labor and feed costs. Employees don’t have to manually check feeders and remove feed. They know which sows need attention, and they know faster than with ad-lib feeding. Automated and demand-driven feeding can also cut feed wastage, which accounts for up to 70% of pork production costs.

Save time. Save money. Improve pig performance. It makes Sense.

Benefits of Vigreen Farrowing Feeding with wireless Activator

  • Each lactating sow’s nutritional needs are met with 24/7 fresh feed deliveries
  • Less feed wastage through demand-driven drops of fresh feed
  • Maximized feed intake by delivering small portions at regular intervals
  • Insights to optimize feed plans from 24/7 data collection and feed intake monitoring
  • Faster attention for sick sows through automated alerts when feed intake drops
  • Less labor required to check feeders and remove stale feed
  • Heavier piglets at weaning from increased milk production
  • Change lactating sow feed plans at multiple locations from a smartphone or computer.
  • Ideal sow body condition for faster farrowing recovery and quick rebreeding
  • Available for any style of sow housing

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