Nedap CowControl
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Increase profitability with precision

Put the power of precision farming on your side. Improve your bottom line with the solutions to maximize dairy herd performance and save time, labor and costs.

Heat Detection

Vigreen CowControl automatically tracks signs of heat – such as increased activity, sniffing, chin resting and mounting behavior. The system shows a clear list of all cows in heat with their optimal insemination moment for effective insemination with the highest chance of conception. It also provides additional reproduction insights, helping you to find cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows and non-pregnant cows.

Cow Locating

Finding cows needing to be checked, inseminated, treated or fetched was never as easy and time-saving as it is with Vigreen Cow Locating. It accurately shows and follows the real-time position of individual or multiple cows on your barn map with one click on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Vigreen Cow Locating is fully integrated with Heat Detection, Health Monitoring and Herd Performance Trends.

Health Monitoring

Vigreen Health Monitoring is an essential tool to keep your cows healthy, fertile and productive. The system compares all behavior with standards for optimum condition, the previous behavior of the cow and the behavior of the group she is in and detects changes or abnormalities. It provides the earliest and most reliable health alerts for cows that need urgent attention and shows a list of cows that need to be checked today, allowing you to treat health issues before they become problems. It also enables you to intensively monitor transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

Herd Performance Trends

Vigreen CowControl shows you how external factors and management decisions influence the herd’s performance. The system sends a group alert when it detects abnormalities among a percentage of the cows in a group, allowing you to respond to. At strategic level, group behavior reports and herd performance insights offer a valuable tool to measure the eating patterns, behavior average, consistency, cycling rate and performance. Also evaluates the impact of (changed) feeding strategies, housing conditions and milking procedures.


Vigreen CowControl combines an unmatched range of features in a single and highly advanced, yet easy-to-use system.

Nedap ISO


Proven electronic ISO compliant cow identification in all your automated systems such as milking, feeding and sorting & routing equipment.

Heat Detection icon

Heat Detection

Highly accurate heat detection with advice for the optimal insemination moment, as well as reproduction insights.

Locations icon

Cow Locating

Locate cows needing attention or treatment quickly and easily. See and follow their real-time position on your barn map.

Eating and rumination

Eating, Rumination & Inactive behavior

Proactive, individual health management for early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery with the Smarttag Neck.

Standing and lying

Standing, Lying & Walking behavior

Get proactive, individual health management for early detection of health issues, intensive monitoring of fresh cows and post-treatment recovery support with the Smarttag Leg.

Herd Performance Trends

Chart the behavior patterns of your groups and entire herd to evaluate the impact of management decisions on herd performance and make improvements.

ISO icon

Integration & Connection

Easily connect Vigreen CowControl to your farm automation systems and dairy management programs thanks to advanced integration applications.

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Flexibility in SmartTags and Features

Choose the SmartTag Neck or Leg with the features fitting your dairy farm management style.

Management icon

Real-time information on all devices for multiple users

All team members have access to real-time and relevant insights fitting everyone’s needs.

The benefits at a glance

  • Improved reproduction results
  • Better cow health and a more productive and sustainable herd
  • Increased labor efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved farm management
  • Saving on labor, fertility and medical treatment costs
  • Work pleasure and peace of mind
  • Vital element for animal-friendly and sustainable production
  • Proven technology

Success stories

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