Increased efficiency and effectiveness
Focus on the right cow, at the right time, with the right treatment

Greater efficiency and effectiveness

We have what you need to make your dairy farm better without boundaries

Each day, a cow can reach peak performance by producing about 10% of her bodyweight in milk. To consistently deliver that level of performance, cows must be in top condition. Excellent dairy cattle management is the responsibility of every dairy farmer, herd manager and employee. As farms become larger and labor needs increase, the efficiency and effectiveness of your farm becomes more important.

With Vigreen, you have no boundaries for an efficient farm.

Know immediately and take action

Vigreen technology takes urgent cow health intervention to a whole new level – sending alerts to you if she has abnormal eating, ruminating, heat, steps or lying behaviors. Our cow monitoring system helps you take immediate action based on the alert you receive.

After taking action, you can keep track the success of a treatment or management change by continuously monitoring cow behavior.

Vigreen Health Monitoring

Give her the right ration, automatically

When you implement Vigreen technology, you can enhance dairy herd efficiency by feeding an individualized concentrate ration to each cow in your herd. Your cows will be fed to their individual nutritional and production needs, saving time for you and your employees for other important tasks.

Vigreen Electronic Concentrate Feeding

Separate with ease

Separating your cows for breeding or hoof trimming can be time consuming. With Vigreen technology you can decide when you need to see your cows for breeding, calving, hoof trimming and more.

Separating cows from the herd is done automatically through our highly accurate RFID technology.

Vigreen Sorting and Routing

Run your dairy your way

Vigreen technology allows you to customize your dairy based on your needs. On your smartphone, computer or tablet, you can access individual cow and herd data and receive alerts – anytime, anywhere. This gives you the ability to make management adjustments quickly and effectively.

From tracking milking procedures and feeding processes to configuring the barn and cow-walking routes, Vigreen offers many solutions for you to run your dairy your way.


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