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Solutions for the dairy industry

Dairy farms are continuously increasing in scale. This means efficient management is becoming even more crucial for these dairy farms. Labor efficiency is an aspect that constantly requires attention: how can farmers work in the most optimum and efficient manner?

Electronic Individual Animal Identification (RFID)

See and know more than what’s possible with the human eye. VigreenFarm technology provides dairy farmers insights based on Electronic Individual Animal Identification (RFID). Actionable insights help farmers identify quality improvement and controlled growth opportunities, while balancing between work, profit and animal welfare.

The dairy farm equipment Nedap offers makes it possible to manage individual animal care as well as monitor production and health through feeding, milking, sorting/routing, heat detection, and health monitoring and cow locating.

Flexible technology

Dairy herd management system

The VigreenFarm solutions consist of scalable and flexible technology; a basis for automation on dairy farms. Some applications can be used as a stand-alone, but a combination of various applications is also easy to incorporate, such as electronic feeding, heat detection, sorting/routing, locating and milk yield recording.

One single control system

VigreenFarm technology links mechanization and automation on the basis of Electronic Individual Animal Identification (RFID) to one single control system. The entire cycle of the animal can be tracked and managed in this system. As a farm manager, you determine where and how the system is controlled — via a PC, smartphone or tablet — anything is possible.

Scalable and flexible

The modular structure of VigreenFarm technology ensures the system can be easily adjusted and expanded; it grows along seamlessly with all possible requirements and any size of farm. Dairy farmers who opt for growth, higher returns and improved management choose VigreenFarm technology for their operation.

Dairy system

Intelligent platform

The software is centralized in the process controller; the heart and brain of the system. A stand-alone system with a web server function stores and analyzes all data into actions and insights as well as generates alerts of unusual behavior. The system can be connected to almost all-known dairy management programs.

Actions and insights through a clear user interface

With a simple and clear user interface compatible with smartphones, tablets or desktop computers, you can control your farm anytime, and anywhere – providing accurate and reliable data to help make the best operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

Responsive interface

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