Heat Detection
Outstanding heat detection accuracy, advice on the optimal insemination moment and reproduction insights.

Improve reproduction results and increase labor efficiency

Outstanding dairy cow heat detection

Vigreen Heat Detection catches the heats of millions of cows every day and helps dairy farmers worldwide to improve reproduction results and labor efficiency. It automatically monitors the activity and tracks the signs of heat – such as sniffing, chin resting, mounting and standing heat – of all cows 24/7.

Vigreen Heat Detection gives you a clear view of all cows in heat – anytime and anywhere – and supports effective insemination with the highest chance of conception. Find out what the best-in-class solution for heat detection in cattle can mean for your reproduction results.

Optimal insemination moment

Both the Smarttag Neck and Leg detect cows in natural heat with outstanding accuracy. The system alerts on a cow in heat, presents a real-time overview of all cows in heat and shows the optimal insemination moment. It can be viewed in a user-friendly way on your PC, tablet and smartphone.

Nedap Heat Detection - Optimal insemination moment

Find cows with fertility problems

Vigreen Heat Detection delivers valuable information to identify fertility problems.  The system provides insights on cows that are not cycling to help you be more in control and act earlier.

Improve reproduction management

Insight in the estrous cycle of each cow supplemented with calendar data helps you improve your reproduction management.

Boost reproduction results

Vigreen Heat Detection helps to improve reproduction results drastically.  Timely detection and effective insemination lead to higher conception rates and shorter calving intervals. Missing cows in heat and breeding cows that are not in heat result in economic loss because of extended calving intervals and additional expenses.

Vigreen Heat Detection helps you improve reproduction efficiency and effectiveness, and thus production and profitability.

Increase labor efficiency

Automated heat detection reduces labor associated with observation and procedures and increases detection rates at the same time.  Less time needs to be spent on detecting heats by you or your team.

Two or three times of visual observation per day can now be replaced by automatically monitoring your cow’s reproductive status on PC, tablet or smartphone in ten minutes.  This saves time for other management activities.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Increased heat detection rates
  • Increased submission rates (reduced missed heats)
  • Increased conception rates (better timing of AI)
  • Increased pregnancy rates
  • Shorter calving intervals
  • More days in milk
  • More milk per cow
  • Reduction of fertility / insemination costs
  • Peace of mind with more control over your herd’s reproduction

Success stories

Thousands of Vigreen Heat Detection users worldwide are convinced of the value it brings to their business. Read their stories.

“It saves me a lot of time, and I never miss a single heat cycle any more.”

Fully integrated with Health Monitoring and Cow Positioning

Combination is key. Vigreen COWcontrol ™ is always equipped with the combination of Heat Detection and Health Monitoring and can be extended with Cow Positioning. Reproduction results are highly dependent on the health and condition of the cow. Being able to get optimal grip on herd health with Vigreen Health Monitoring means being able to maximize reproduction results even further than with heat detection alone. Adding Cow Positioning allows you to save even more time and increase efficiency further.