Cow identification
Stop searching – start finding

Confident decision-making

Challenge: Making the best decisions for your dairy to improve your bottom line

The need for continuous improvement is ingrained in you. Improved production comes from decisions based on knowledge. Knowledge comes from analyzing and understanding your herd’s performance trends. Your herd’s performance trends are shaped by the individual animals in your herd.

The first step to gain insights about your herd is making sure each animal is identified and tied to her own record. If you don’t know your animal, how will you know her impact on your bottom line?Find your solution

Save time

Challenge: Finding the right animal – the first time

Scavenger hunts are fun, just not in your barn. Nothing is more time consuming than combing the barn to locate that one animal you need to check. The challenge of tracking and providing the right overall care and health interventions for individual animals at the right time is eliminated with the use of Nedap radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.Find your solution

Challenge: finding cattle tags to meet your needs now and long into the future

Are you looking for a cow identification tag that always works and can go far beyond identification only? Are you looking for a tag that also supports you in Heat Detection, Health Monitoring or even Cow Positioning? A tag that integrates and connects with your drafting gates, milking parlor, feeding stations and management program? A tag that gains many benefits to you, your cows and your farm now and long into the future?Find your solution


The solutions that face these challenges:

  1. Vigreen CowControl
  2. Identification
  3. Cow locating