Nedap ProSense
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Clear insight into pig performance

Get reliable data to compare breeding lines

Nedap ProSense gives clear insight into individual pig performance using Nedap Pig Performance Testing. This system accurately and reliably measures and records pig performance indicators including individual weights, feed intake and feed conversion ratio. The data it provides is immediately available for review and has a unique feature allowing you to rank individual pigs and groups based on daily performance.

Vigreen Pig Performance Testing can collect data for feed trials, genetic selection or in-depth nutrition research for feed formulation. You can use data to review feed quality or study the effects of different feed compositions.

Vigreen Pig Performance Testing has two parts: a trough to measure feed intake and a scale that can be adjusted to pig sizes. It can feed up to 15 pigs at one time. You can access and manage the software dashboard from anywhere and at any time to gain insights.

The benefits of Vigreen ProSense

  • Built to withstand use in high-traffic swine operations
  • Capacity to feed 15 pigs at one time without restriction
  • Ability to access and manage the system from anywhere to gain informative insights

Vigreen ProSense: Pig Performance Testing


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