Nedap SowSense
Peak performing sows

Peak performing sows with

Vigreen SowSense

Put the power of precision farming on your side. Improve your bottom line with the Vigreen SowSense solutions to maximize sow herd performance and save time, labor and costs.

Vigreen SowSense solutions

Our advanced Vigreen SowSense solutions work around the clock to identify each sow, track her feed consumption and weight, monitor her heat behavior and transition her to farrowing. Vigreen SowSense connects you to your sows. You can be sure each sow is cared for according to your strategy. The system operates and checks results 24/7. You will get detailed notifications when a sow needs extra attention and individual information allowing you to improve your strategies for your entire herd.

  1. Electronic Sow Feeding
  2. Weight Monitoring
  3. Sow Separation
  4. Heat Detection
  5. Farrowing Feeding with Wireless Activator