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Challenge: Individual sow monitoring

You’re managing hundreds, maybe thousands, of sows. As sow numbers increase and your team juggles many tasks, you might find it difficult to pay close attention to individual sows. Do you ever feel like your attention is stretched so thin you can’t spend enough time with the sows that really need you?

Inefficient sow monitoring can result in potential losses, including undiagnosed or misdiagnosed health issues.

You want what’s best for your pigs. Choose tools to work like you want to.

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Pigs in ESF resting area

How the Vigreen Sow Management system helps you keep your sows healthy:

  • Sows are active, allowing you to better observe behavioral changes that could indicate illness
  • System alerts you if sows don’t eat or don’t finish their daily ration
  • System prevents feed theft, ensuring each sow gets the ration you want her to get
  • Sows stay calm and productive because they eat and rest when they want

For maximum comfort, put your sows in control

Producers tell us they like how their sows can control their own comfort in groups with Vigreen ESF. Sows can eat when they want and rest when they want, helping to minimize stress and support sow well-being and productivity.

Tim Friedel, production manager at Thomas Livestock Co. , says his sows are consistently calm and comfortable when moving through the Vigreen system.

“What’s really unique about this system is seeing the sows coming at different times of day and night. They don’t crowd around the feeding stations. We very seldom have more than maybe 8 to 10 sows milling around by the entrance of the feeding stations, and we have 6 feed stations in most of our pens. It’s not a crowded situation like people might think.

“Any of the sows can go into any station to get their daily feed allotment, and there’s no aggression shown whatsoever there. We very seldom ever see any aggression.